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What is a Credit Card Dump?

A credit card dump is a type of crime in which a criminal makes an unauthorized digital copy of a credit card . This type of crime has been around for decades, but in recent years it has become more widely known due to the growing number of credit card forgeries, identity theft, and other types of cybercrime.

How credit card dumps work

While measures such as personal information numbers (pins) and security chips can help make this theft more difficult, hackers nevertheless continue to find new ways to exploit weaknesses in the electronic payment system to collect valuable credit card information. To profit from this theft, cybercriminals resell credit card information on the black market. It is reported that in the United States, such stolen information can be sold at a price of $ 20 to $ 80 per card. In addition, hackers can themselves use this information to make unauthorized purchases online using stolen credit cards.

Example of a credit card dump

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of examples in which hackers have managed to break into huge amounts of credit card data of unsuspecting customers. For example, in May 2019, the popular Australian graphic design website Canva was hacked by hackers, resulting in about 140 million user accounts being hacked. In addition to personal information such as names, usernames, and email addresses, the hackers also managed to gain access to users ‘ credit card information.

Selling dumps and pins

We offer you bank card dumps with a positive balance.

Prices are piecework, with the purchase of a large batch of good discounts.

To order card dumps, you just need to contact us.

Dumps are delivered in the following format:

1) Heather Dodder — name of the cardholder (credit card holder)

2) 10/27/1977-date of birth of the cardholder (DOB-Date Of Birth)

3) “1232345663” — personal insurance number (SSN-social secure number)

4) “135 Wyckfield Road” — address of the cardholder (135-house number, Wyckfield Road-street name)

5) “Savannah” — the city of residence of the cardholder

6) ” GA ” – state of the cardholder

7) “31410” – the index of the cardholder (ZIP code in USA)

8 ) ” US ” — the country of the cardholder

9) “” – the cardholder’s email address (e-mail)

10. phone number of the cardholder

11) “Visa” – type of credit card

12) “4185860387795343” – credit card number

13) “307” — CVV or CVV2 card code (3-x or 4-digit)

14) “06”,”2013″ — credit card expiration date (exp date)

15) “PLATINUM (CREDIT)” – visa card type

16) “PROVIDIAN NATIONAL BANK” — the name of the bank that issued the card

SSN is not always available in the map. Such information as SSN and DOB is searched separately for a separate fee.

Types of credit cards

Visa (VI, starts 4),

MasterCard (MC, starts with 5),

American Express (AMEX, starts with 3).

Additional information, sometimes requested by the bank/shop

MMN (mother’s maiden name) — mother’s maiden name.

DOB (date of birth) — date of birth.

SSN (social security number) — individual taxpayer number.

PIN (pin code) — a 4-digit PIN code of the card.

DL (driver’s license) — driver’s license number.

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