A team of security researchers discovered a vulnerability in the visa credit card payment system. The vulnerability found allows an attacker armed with two smartphones with NFC chips and some special software to bypass the security mechanism of requesting a PIN confirmation payment.

From a technical point of view, the hacking process looks like this. One of the smartphones with NFC communication acts as an emulator of the payment terminal, modern smartphones have such functionality. The credit card must be attached to this terminal emulator.

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We advise you not to get your VISA credit cards out of your foil hat. Good luck and goodness to all! At the time of payment, the emulator asks the card for permission to perform the transaction. Then the terminal emulator receives permission from the card, and at the same time the second smartphone, using special software, makes a change of transaction parameters, blocking the card request to enter the PIN password.

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All you need to do next is to bring a smartphone with a linked card to the seller’s real terminal and pay for the purchase without any request for a PIN. The process takes a few seconds and is displayed on the video.


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